13 Ascended Masters Self Attunement


Everyone can call upon the Ascended Masters. But by having these Ascended Masters attunements, it will bring the energies of the Master much closer to you. Allowing them to better work in your etheric /energy background.

The following Ascended Masters you will be attuned to:

Master Kuthumi
Who helps with, centering, devotion, focus and relaxation.
Master Moses
Who helps with, living in the now, clear communication, trustfulness and leadership qualities.
Master Buddha
Helps with, peace, joy, spiritual growth and understanding
Master Sanat Kumara
Helps with, protection, clearing from low energies, healing work, ascention
Master Jesus
Helps with, divine guidance and instruction, forgiveness, healing, manifestation
Goddess Abundantia
Helps with abundance in all areas
Master Maitreya
Helps with joy, peace and compassion
Goddess Mary
Helps with parenting, children, caringness and nurturing
Goddess Quan Yin
Helps with compassion, kindliness and mercy
Master Merlin
Helps with alchemy, crystals, phsyic abilities, healing and wisdom
Master Saint Germain
Helps with protection, clearing, healing, inspiration and braveness
Maser Padre Pio
Helps with healing, forgiveness, spiritual growth and clairvoyance
Master Seraphis Bey
Helps with personal and global peace, ascention, overcoming issues and artistic and creative projects.

This is a master/teacher attunement
Number of Attunements: 13 done in one whole attunement
Prerequisite: None